The Hacker’s Dictionary

The Hacker's Dictionary

Book Excerpt

In the world of hackers, a fascinating interplay of overtones and undertones sheds light on their hackish psyche. But that’s not all. Hackers not only love wordplay but also exhibit a conscious and inventive use of language. These traits are often seen in young children, but unfortunately, our educational system tends to suppress them before adolescence. Consequently, linguistic innovation in most subcultures of the modern West becomes a halting and mostly unconscious process.

However, hackers approach slang formation and usage as a delightful game, enjoying it consciously. This results in a unique blend of youthful language-play and the discernment of educated minds. Additionally, their interconnected electronic media serve as fluid, ‘hot’ connections, perfectly suited for spreading new slang and eliminating outdated elements ruthlessly.

This process yields an unparalleled intensity of linguistic expression, giving us perhaps a distinctive insight into their world. The fascinating combination of linguistic enjoyment and intelligent innovation is what sets hackers apart in the realm of language.


The Hacker’s Dictionary

aka: The Jargon File, Version 2.9.10





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