A Brief History of the Internet

A Brief History of the Internet
People are used to lording it over others by building and writing certain items
that reflect their lordship over themselves, their environments, and, last/least,
over other people. If they were not engaged in power over themselves [selfdiscipline,
education, etc,] or over their environments [food, clothing and
shelter], then they have only other people to have control over and that is the
problem. They don’t want other people to have it easier than they did. “If I
did it with the hard ways and tools of the past, then YOU would threaten me
if you use some easier ways and tools the present has to offer, and I don’t
want to learn the new tools, since I have invested my whole life to the
mastery of the old tools.” I have literally met very highly placed souls in the
system of higher education who have told me they will quit the system on the
day they have to use email because it removes the control they used to have
over physical meetings, phone calls and the paper mails. It is just too obvious
if a big wig is not answering your email, since email programs can actually
tell you the second it was delivered and also the second the person “opened”


A Brief History of the Internet

The Bright Side: The Dark Side

By – Maxwell Fuller,
        Michael Hart





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