Hacker Crackdown

Hacker Crackdown

Book Excerpt

You have my express permission to take this ad and use it as you wish. Feel free to enjoy yourself and get creative.

You are allowed to distribute the book on disks and share them without charging any money for it.

However, I must emphasize that this book is not in the public domain, and you cannot claim copyright in your name. I am the rightful copyright owner, and any attempts to pirate the book and profit from its sale could lead to serious legal consequences. Trust me, the meager gains from such actions are hardly worth the trouble.

This book doesn’t “belong” exclusively to you or even to me. It’s a reflection of the people of cyberspace, and I believe sharing it freely in this manner is the best way to make this information accessible to everyone in the cyberspace community, even those far beyond the borders of the United States. This way, they can learn something valuable from this extraordinary tale of distant and obscure yet important experiences.


Hacker Crackdown

Law and Disorder on the Electronic Frontier

By – Bruce Sterling



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