Non-Fiction for Newbies

Non-Fiction for Newbies

by Lauren Bingham (Author)

Non-Fiction for Newbies : How to Write a Factual Book and Actually Kind of Enjoy It


Are you ready to write your first nonfiction book?

Of course not, or you would have done it by now! Perhaps it’s time to enlist the help of a professional.

The idea of writing a book may be scary or challenging, but Lauren Bingham is back with a guide for the nonprofessional writer who is somehow drawn to the world of nonfiction.

Known for her tips on how to write fiction and nonfiction books, Ms. Bingham focuses on the different types of nonfiction books and the elements that go into making each one come alive on the page.

About the author

Lauren Bingham grew up in a house full of books. A dedicated bibliophile by first grade, she often got into trouble for voraciously consuming any written material – from consuming Reader’s Digest cover to cover in one sitting to completing library books before they even made it home.

Lauren has been avidly writing for pure passion since childhood, and thanks to the internet for providing a comfortable place where all writers are welcome. Ghostwriting and copywriting since the early 2000s, she believes strongly that there is a story in each of us, and that any time is a great time to share those stories with others.

Lauren Bingham
Lauren Bingham
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