Among the Great Masters of Music

Among the Great Masters of Music

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where it now hangs. The picture “St. Cecilia” was presented to Saxony’s Elector Augustus III’s agent in the middle of the 18th century while he was negotiating for Italian paintings for Dresden’s royal collection. The price of $18,000 was seen to be too costly, and a signed copy by Denis Calvert was deemed suitable in its place. The Sistine Madonna’s chamber in Dresden still features this artwork swinging. The apprentice of the master, Giovanni da Udine, created the people and other objects in this picture, which is a priceless work of art. On a damaged painting in the castle chapel at La Magliana, close to Rome, Raphael had previously drew a “St. Cecilia” that was either the master’s or his student’s creation. We’re lucky that Mark Antonio’s excavation was able to preserve this mixture.

We shall select one by Shelley with great affection for this “St. Cecilia.”
In addition to “St. Cecilia,” we have seen another Raphael work that is distinct and of a high standard.

Among the Great Masters of Music
Scenes in the Lives of Famous Musicians

By – Walter Rowlands

  • PUBLISHED: 1906
  • PAGES: 100




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