Ask Why and Learn About

Ask Why and Learn About
by Kim Young (Author)

Ask Why and Learn About: Apples – Learn Basic Concepts through the Alphabet (A Fun Read for Curious Kids Ages 3-6)


But… why are apples red? Why do they fall from the tree? And why are they good for you?

From A to Z, these fun, colorful, and informative books are designed to engage curious kids and encourage them to read, learn, and most importantly – ask questions about the world around them.

Bursting with fascinating facts about everyday things, the Ask Why and Learn About books take children aged 3-6 on a wondrous journey of knowledge through science, technology, zoology, geography, and much, much more.

About the author

Kim Young is a Korean-British writer and translator. She grew up in Saudi Arabia with her literature-loving mother, music-loving father, and a pianist brother. She then moved to England where she completed her studies and later spent many years working in Spain and Israel. She now lives in London with her husband, three kids, and two cats.

When Kim’s kids were younger, they were not too keen on sitting down to listen to books being read to them. Only when she turned reading into a fun learning experience, making up stories about their favorite things, did she finally manage to engage them in books!

And so, the Ask Why and Learn series was born. Kim hopes her books will provide entertainment and knowledge to children and peace and quiet to their parents.

Kim Young
Kim Young
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