Aladdin and the Magic Lamp

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp

Classic children’s stories from the Middle East.

Book Excerpt

I’ll rewrite the supplied information in English using my expertise as a copywriter while preserving the original meaning:

“Move in the direction of the Aladdin’s ruined stupa in China’s capital. He heard conversations about a magnificent palace while he was walking around the city. Please excuse my ignorance, but which palace are you referring to? he asked. “Have you heard of the greatest wonder on Earth?” the magician retorted. I can help you see it if your mind so chooses. The genie thanked him for the information and then grew furious upon learning that the palace had been erected by the genie of the lamp. He took Aladdin and once more cast him into abject poverty.

Unfortunately, Aladdin had spent eight days searching, giving the magician plenty of time. He walked to the palace while yelling, “New lamps for old!” He bought a dozen lamps and put the genie back in the spout. People surrounded him. The princess sent a servant to investigate the disturbance as she was seated in her room with four and twenty windows. The jester who was sent back to inform the princess of the ruse did so while grinning. “Madam,” the slave answered.”

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp

By – Unknown

  • PAGES: 18




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