The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera

The story of Eric, a brilliant yet odd individual with physical distortions who terrifies the Paris Opera Garnier. He constructs his home underneath it, and because of his passion for music, he kidnaps a stunning soprano in order to keep her in his control.

Book Excerpt

His eyes were so deep that it was difficult to notice his unwavering pupils in a horrific frame. Only two large black holes, like the gaping heads of the dead, could be found. Instead of being as pale as a playwright, his complexion was pale yellow. It was terrible to see his nose missing since it was so little you couldn’t see it from the front. Three or four long black hairs were on his head and behind his ears.

A serious, calm, steady man who pictured things very slowly was the major actor in the scene-changer. His claims were met with interest and surprise, and soon others were able to claim they had seen him carrying a guy dressed in funeral robes. Those who had heard the tale claimed that Joseph Bouquet, who had been duped by his helper, was where it all began. Then, one after another, a string of exciting and perplexing occurrences appeared, alarming even the most learned individuals.

The Phantom of the Opera

By – Gaston Leroux

  • PUBLISHED: 1911
  • PAGES: 254




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