Gulliver’s Travels

Gulliver's Travels

This work is regarded as one of Swift’s best creations and an unquestionable classic in English literature. It is an entertaining spoof on human nature and a sarcastic take on “Travellers’ Tales. The edition by George Bell and Sons was originally published in 1892.

Book Excerpt

“I can’t explain; nonetheless, the outcome is that they all lost. I was fortunate enough to be pointed to the right, where I was able to avoid the wind and the wave. I frequently felt as though I had to throw my legs overboard because I was unable to regain even the slightest sensation in them, but when I was almost defeated and could no longer fight, I realized that I was in over my head and the gale had significantly subsided at that point. Since the landing was so low, it took me about a mile to get to the coast, which I estimated to be around eight o’clock at night.I got as close to the coast as I dared, but I was unable to find a house or an occupant since I lacked the energy to do so. The combination of my extreme exhaustion, the heat of the day, and the brandy I had consumed as I exited the ship—about half a pint—left me on the verge of passing out. I threw myself down on the short, soft grass, where I dozed off more due to what I don’t remember than what I do. I slept soundly, which is understandable given that I couldn’t have been up for less than a full hour and that the sun was higher than that when I woke up. I was covered from head to toe in the


Gulliver’s Travels

By – Jonathan Swift

  • PUBLISHED: 1726
  • ISBN: 0141439491



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