A Mad Marriage

A Mad Marriage

Poor marriage decisions result in sad outcomes.

Book Excerpt

Believe it, mama; I’m not at fault. However, Mrs. Englehart has taken it into her exceedingly idiotic mind to be envious of me—of poor, plain Joan Kennedy—which is not a good thing to say. The major, a lovely old soul, said a few pleasant words while passing, and see what happened! Don’t let us discuss it. I’ll start tomorrow morning, search the entire province of Quebec, and either find a circumstance or fail in my endeavor. And just now, Mistress Jessie, I’m going to have some tea.

I laughed out of concern that I might start to weep and flung off my shawl and bonnet before taking a seat. A loud tap on the door was heard as I was doing this. It was so loud that Jessie almost knocked the teapot off its stand.

“Goodness me, Joan! What’s this?

I approached the door, opened it, and immediately recoiled in shock. The lady I had seen at the House to Let had full candle and firelight streaming across her face.

“May I enter?”

She acted without waiting for approval. She entered the room past me and went right to the fire.


A Mad Marriage

By – May Agnes Fleming




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