At the John Grier Home, a traditional orphanage where the kids were totally reliant on charity, Jerusha Abbott was raised. When the trustees of the asylum pay their monthly visit, she is 18 years old, her schooling complete, and she has started working in the orphanage’s dorms. Unknown trustee has made an offer to pay for Jerusha’s college tuition and a sizable monthly stipend in exchange for her writing him a letter each month after speaking to her previous instructors and learning that she is a great writer; however, she will never know who this trustee is, and he will never respond.

Book Excerpt

Several of our youngsters have caught this man’s attention. Do you recall Henry Freize and Charles Benton? Mr.–er–this Trustee paid for both of their college educations, and they have both graciously repaid the money with hard work and achievement. The man does not want any further cash. Until now, all of his charitable efforts have been focused on helping the guys; no matter how deserving, I have never been able to pique his interest in any of the institution’s female students. I’ll tell you right now that he has no regard for women.

Since some sort of response appeared to be anticipated at this time, Jerusha muttered, “No, ma’am.”

“Your future was brought up today at the regular meeting.”

After allowing a little pause, Mrs. Lippett began in a quiet, calm tone that made her hearer’s suddenly tense muscles even more uncomfortable.

As you are aware, children are often not retained over the age of sixteen, but in your instance an exception was made. You



By – Jean Webster



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