White Fang

White Fang

The development of a wild dog into a domestic pet during the Klondike Gold Rush in the 19th century. The Call of the Wild has a companion book called White Fang.

Living in the icy north, “White Fang” is a beast who is half dog, half wolf, and all charm. He slowly falls under the spell of human company until finally giving in to a bull dog in a battle. He then becomes his adoring master’s slave.

Book Excerpt

The circle of glittering eyes moved in even closer that evening after dinner as they sat on the rectangular box and smoked their pipes.
Bill added, “I wish they’d start a herd of moose or something, and then leave us alone.”

Bill looked at the circle of eyes that blazed in the shadows just beyond the firelight, and Henry groaned with a tone that wasn’t quite sympathetic. They sat on in quiet for a quarter of an hour.

He said again, “I wish we was pulling into McGurry right now.”

Henry said violently, “Stop your wishin’ and your croakin’. Your stomach is acidic. That is your problem. A spoonful of sody will make you sweeter and more likable to be around with.

Henry was awakened in the morning by ferocious cursing coming from Bill. Henry raised himself on an elbow and peered to see his companion standing among the dogs next to the refueled fire, his astonished expression on his face.


White Fang

By – Jack London





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