The Witch Hunter: Bliss of Victory

The Secret of Poppyridge Cove
by - Troy Smith

The Witch Hunter returns to vanquish evil…

Join Gareth as he treks across Adenia and reunites with an old friend to destroy an infamous coven. Learn what happened to Fenrik after becoming Adenia’s Champion. And witness Heirin, a werewolf, uncover a secret that could alter the War of the Great Houses. All of these stories and more intertwine to form this new and exciting entry in the Witch Hunter Saga.




About the author

Troy Smith released his debut novel “The Witch Hunter: Trials for Freedom” in 2017, a gritty medieval-fantasy adventure following the monster hunting exploits of Gareth of Velingrad. Its sequel, “The Witch Hunter: Bliss of Victory” released in December 2022.

Smith is currently working on a third Witch Hunter novel as well as planning all new original stories.

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