The Count of Monte Cristo

The Count of Monte Cristo

“A classic adventure book that is frequently cited as Dumas’ best work and frequently listed among the best books of all time. Dumas worked with additional writers to complete the work in 1844 and have it published as an 18-part series over the following two years. From the end of Napoleon’s power through Louis-Philippe’s reign, the drama takes place in France, Italy, and on the high seas.

Book Excerpt

“He inquired where they were, and was answered by a burst of laughter. A
cold perspiration burst from every pore, and his hair stood on end. He repeated
his question. One of the bandits rose, and offered him a glass filled with
Orvietto, saying, ‘To the health of the brave Cucumetto and the fair Rita.’ At this
moment Carlini heard a woman’s cry; he divined the truth, seized the glass,
broke it across the face of him who presented it, and rushed towards the spot
whence the cry came. After a hundred yards he turned the corner of the thicket;
he found Rita senseless in the arms of Cucumetto. At the sight of Carlini,
Cucumetto rose, a pistol in each hand. The two brigands looked at each other for
a moment—the one with a smile of lasciviousness on his lips, the other with the
pallor of death on his brow. A terrible battle between the two men seemed
imminent; but by degrees Carlini’s features relaxed, his hand, which had grasped
one of the pistols in his belt, fell to his side. Rita lay between them. The moon
lighted the group.
“‘Well,’said Cucumetto, ‘have you executed your commission?’
“‘Yes, captain,’ returned Carlini. ‘At nine o’clock tomorrow Rita’s father will
be here with the money.’
“‘It is well; in the meantime, we will have a merry night; this young girl is
charming, and does credit to your taste. Now, as I am not egotistical, we will
return to our comrades and draw lots for her.’
“‘You have determined, then, to abandon her to the common law?’ said
“‘Why should an exception be made in her favor?’
“‘I thought that my entreaties——’
“‘What right have you, any more than the rest, to ask for an exception?’
“‘It is true.’
“‘But never mind,’ continued Cucumetto, laughing, ‘sooner or later your turn
will come.’ Carlini’s teeth clenched convulsively.
“‘Now, then,’ said Cucumetto, advancing towards the other bandits, ‘are you
“‘I follow you.’


The Count of Monte Cristo

By – Alexandre Dumas

  • PUBLISHED: 1845
  • PAGES: 1424
  • ISBN: 0140449264




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