Across the Spanish Main

Across the Spanish Main

Two lads from Devon, a county in the southwest of England, are the protagonists of the narrative. In an effort to better the lot of a member of their family, they set out on a quest to capture and board Spanish treasure ships.

Book Excerpt

“Spring has returned, bringing with it the actual essence and form of the season. Naturally, the two lads were overjoyed by this present.

On July 20, the last order was given for them to board their ship, and on July 21, without incident, they departed on their voyage across the river. This was their long-awaited moment.

The following morning, Roger and Harry collected their luggage and began rowing down the river with their brand-new oars. The two boys were accompanied by Roger’s parents and Harry’s sister, who were all eager to see the two youngsters before they left. Left.
When everyone arrived in Plymouth during the afternoon, the lads officially boarded their ship and reported themselves, then they all went to Harry’s house to spend the night together.

The following morning, they all rose early, and since the Stage Royal’s boat was waiting nearby to accompany them to their ship, they said their last goodbyes. Inconsolable sobs could be heard coming from Roger’s mother as she fervently begged for her son’s safe return.


Across the Spanish Main

A Tale of the Sea in the Days of Queen Bess
By – Harry Collingwood
  • PUBLISHED: 1906
  • PAGES: 246



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