The Art of Writing & Speaking the English Language

The Art of Writing & Speaking the English Language

If there is a subject of really universal interest and utility, it is the art of writing and speaking one’s own language effectively.

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In this section, we looked at a variety of connections as well as their main combinations and transformations. It is crucial to be aware of the names of all potential combinations that could arise as we explore the art of entrancing our audience and intelligence through language. Even while we might not be familiar with every precise name for every possible combination, knowing the characteristics and guidelines for how intellect and emotions can be expressed via language can help us to communicate effectively. Even if we were aware of every possible combination, we may not understand how our emotions and intelligence interacted, which would result in continued unproductive communication.

After our early attempts, we ran across a clear practical issue: how to successfully introduce a pupil to a new science while still teaching them an age-old talent.


The Art of Writing & Speaking the English Language

Word-Study and Composition & Rhetoric

By – Sherwin Cody

  • PUBLISHED: 1903
  • PAGES: 171
  • ISBN: B0006AM4CG



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