An Elementary Spanish Reader

An Elementary Spanish Reader

With Spanish language studies becoming more and more popular in high schools and universities, there is a demand for an accessible text that will help students learn more than they could from standard course materials. The vocabulary in the present curriculum has been streamlined for easier comprehension, especially in the beginning choices. The first tasks for pupils are largely the emphasis. Since the vocabulary already contains all the essential information, the addition of notes has not been deemed necessary. All verb tenses are covered in the vocabulary regardless of whether the occurrences in the text are regular or irregular.

Book Excerpt

A young man found himself lost in the city. He had gone outside to look about the city when he came upon the king’s palace gate. He sat on a stone close to the door and considered going inside. About 40 minutes later, an elderly woman showed there and offered to assist him. He responded that he possessed three ships—one made of gold, one of silver, and one of silk—when she questioned his wealth. She gave him the following advice:

“It’s obvious that you have a substantial gold parrot cage. The eye should be an emerald instead. Place this lovely parrot, four or five gold and silver birds, and them next to the palace. The monarch will put it to the test when he sees it.

She gave the young guy some advise, and he took the lovely parrot in the gilded cage and concealed it within the palace with four or five other birds. The monarch cherished the regal parrot and believed that his daughter would feel the same way. So, instead of the bird in the cage, he told the six young men to carry the parrot to the princess.


An Elementary Spanish Reader

By – Earl Stanley Harrison

  • PUBLISHED: 1912
  • PAGES: 128



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