The 2008 CIA World Factbook

The 2008 CIA World Factbook

In addition to the regular information updates, The World Factbook 2008 features several new additions. In the Geography category, two new fields focus on the increasingly vital resource of water: “Total renewable water resources” and “Freshwater withdrawal.”

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estimation, which changes the relative configuration of various economies globally.

The primary faiths referenced in Facebook’s notes and definitions have each been given a brief summary. The sovereignty of five former islands in the Indian Ocean, known as les Îles Éparses, was transferred to the French Southern and Antarctic Lands, where two new Caribbean territories, Saint Barthélemy and Saint Martin, were created, as a result of the repartition of several foreign territories in France.

Some independent nations that were present on the map in the 2001 version were not present in this edition. The highest point heights and a partial geographic grid are included on the updated map. A number of regional maps have also been revised to reflect border modifications and changes in place name spelling.

This material is accompanied by Annex A: Abbreviations, which includes a list of all the acronyms used on Facebook as well as their definitions.

The 2008 CIA World Factbook

By – United States. Central Intelligence Agency

  • PUBLISHED: 2008
  • PAGES: 1


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