Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice

In Austen’s best comedy set in the 1800s, the lively and witty Elizabeth Bennet and the restrained Mr. Darcy interact with early misunderstandings (and mutual enlightenment) in the middle of a genteel village society.

Book Excerpt

We’ve had the most wonderful evening, Elizabeth remarked as she entered the space. Nothing could compare, Jane, if only you were there. Everyone complimented your appearance, and Mr. Bingley thought highly of you—the two of you even danced! Oh, my beloved, he actually danced with you once more! And following the initial question, he only asked about her—the sole living thing in the space. First of all, he requested Miss Lucas, and I was mortified to watch her follow him on foot! To be honest, she didn’t get much acclaim, as you might expect.And he appeared to be rather surprised when she identified herself when he questioned who she was. He questioned her about herself and then asked her again after they had been introduced. He danced with Miss King for the third number and Maria Lucas for the second. He danced with you for the two fifth numbers and Lizzy and Miss Bullock for the two sixth numbers.

“If he had any regard for me,” her husband interjected impatiently, “he wouldn’t have danced half as much!”

Pride and Prejudice

By – Jane Austen

  • PUBLISHED: 1813
  • PAGES: 311




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