When a straightforward young Englishman accompanies a customer to Transylvania and encounters the mysterious Count Dracula, the most well-known vampire tale in history starts. When Dracula reveals his actual self, he takes a ship towards England, where dreadful things start to happen to the inhabitants of London….

Book Excerpt

The snow-covered top of the big and tall mountain lay in front of us, shattered and beaten by our interminable trip. “Look! Csek Eastern!”–“God’s throne!” –we passed across in awe.

The shadows of the twilight started to envelop us as we found ourselves injured down the route and the setting sun dropped lower and lower. True, the sunset was still visible on the snow-capped mountain summit, which radiated a soft pink glow. Although the Csecks and Slovaks we encountered were all well dressed, I observed a general air of sadness. Numerous crosses were placed along the route, and as we drove by, my buddies crossed the road as well. I saw a sense of pain pervaded the highway as it was lined with various farmers, both men and women, sitting on the brink of a monastery. There were several crossroads on the route, and as we passed, my buddies climbed over the obstacles on their own. A farmer or a woman would sometimes sit on the edge of a temple, bending their heads in reverence. They did not approach us, but their eyes and ears looked to be closed to the outer world. I learned a lot. As an illustration, consider the carriages perched on the trees and the many, exquisitely decorated carts bursting with vivid colors.


By – Bram Stoker
  • PUBLISHED: 1897
  • PAGES: 347



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