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“A shroud may work as the coffin’s pall, I suppose.

My blood rushes through my veins with immense power, and my long-restrained youth suddenly explodes into active activity, like an eruption in a volcano that erupts once every hundred years and then remains dormant. I feel as though life is rising within me like an underground spring, expanding and gushing up.

How do I get Claramunda to show up again? I didn’t have any secret yearning to leave the lecture and wander the city alone. I was simply waiting for my courier to bring the assignment, which I must turn in, but I won’t even be able to stay there for a little period of time. I tried to open the window bar, but I couldn’t since I couldn’t climb a ladder because it was so high off the ground. In addition, I felt apprehensive about ascending in this manner without any assistance. In any case, if I left there at night, how would I be able to navigate the unseen maze of streets? All of these annoyances came as a great surprise to me.


By – Théophile Gautier

  • PUBLISHED: 1908
  • PAGES: 35




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