Trading Knives

Trading Knives

Before the Bow of Hart, the dragon existed, waiting to rise, reaching for supremacy, grasping for servants, striking at his enemies. This epic sword and sorcery fantasy prequel reveals how a wizard gains his powers for vengeance, then threatens those opposing his chosen master.


Trading a knife costs a life. The offer of help may cost more.


In Corgren’s cutthroat world, the sharp edge of a blade is the only currency that matters. His name the heaviest best as one of the deadliest fighters in the prize rings. But with each victory, his enemies multiply, and the weight of dominance of Hart threatens to crush him, a despised Rokan. A stranger appears, promising Corgren the one thing he craves above all else: power.


As Corgren ascends higher in the ranks of the fighting pits, the offer of dark, cultic magic entangles with his ambitions. With each step, he fights closer to his goal – vengeance against those who have wronged him – but also closer to the abyss of their wrath. The stranger who promised him power demands a steep price, and Corgren finds himself torn between the hunger for revenge and the fear of losing himself to the promises of magical power.


Trading Knives is a pulse-pounding, high-stakes fantasy adventure that will leave you breathless. With each fight, and each desperate gamble, Corgren must fight to keep his footing in a world where the only rule is survival by a knife’s keen edge. But as he journeys deeper into the heart of darkest desires, he discovers that the true price of power is more than he ever imagined.


If you love action-packed sword and sorcery fantasy with a dark edge, Trading Knives is the book for you. Cheer your favorite in the fighting pits and join Corgren on his perilous path between his choices – but be warned, once you start, you won’t be able to put this book down!


Trading Knives

by – P. H.  Solomon




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