The Yellow Wallpaper

The Yellow Wallpaper

Throughout the book “A Journey of Decent into Unsanity,” a lady goes through a period of “temporary emotional distress – a minor hysterical tendency.” The account is full with clues that suggest that her issue is related to her recent motherhood, maybe postpartum depression. Her husband, who is well-intentioned but dictatorial and illiterate, confines her to the walls of an upper room, where the room’s yellow wallpaper becomes the focus of her spiraling lunacy.

Book Excerpt

“Observing is simpler than watching a child,”
Naturally, I never bring it up to them since I am so intelligent, but I still notice it.

On that piece of paper are details that only I know and will ever know.

Every day, the shadowy forms behind that outside pattern become more visible.

Despite being many, it always has the same form.

And it appears as though a lady is crouching down and moving slowly behind that pattern. It is not at all my taste. If only they would get rid of me, I start to thinkā€”I start, I start to think.

It’s quite challenging to discuss my issue with individuals since they are so intelligent and devoted to me.

But last night I gave it a go.

It was moonlight. The moon beams everywhere, much like the sun.

I sometimes dislike watching it since it moves so slowly and always enters via a window.

I didn’t move since I didn’t want to disturb the people who were sleeping, so I just continued to stare at the irregular wallpaper with the hazy moonlight.

In the background, a fading image appeared to read



The Yellow Wallpaper

By – Charlotte Perkins Gilman

  • PUBLISHED: 1899
  • PAGES: 24



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