The Witch Hunter

The Witch Hunter

The Witch Hunter

by -

C. N. Crawford

Humans are going missing all over the city. Bloodthirsty shadow demons are attacking, and the Brotherhood want to return to the old ways to control the chaos.Digging deeper into these sinister new threats, Rosalind once again joins forces with Caine. But the sexy incubus has been keeping some major secrets from her—secrets that hold clues to her own history.



About the author

C.N. Crawford are Wall Street Journal bestselling authors of fantasy romance and urban fantasy–not one person but two. When they are not looking after their two energetic sons, they take turns writing drafts and revising.

Christine is from Lexington, Massachusetts and has had a lifelong interest in New England folklore–with a particular fondness for creepy old cemeteries. Nick spent his childhood reading fantasy and science fiction during Vermont’s long winters, which have rendered him impervious to the cold.

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