The Russia Chronicles. An Underground Revolution. Six: The Blazing Wheel

The Russia Chronicles. An Underground Revolution. Six

The Russia Chronicles. An Underground Revolution. Six

by - Andrew Anzur Clement (Author)

Tsarina Katya, President Pyotr and their gang of former street bums have ruled a peaceful and prosperous Russia for a decade. They are about to celebrate with a night at the Bolshoi opera when a series of bombs explode in the orchestra pit.

From the depths of Moscow’s trash heaps, a ruthless new enemy has emerged. Fueled by a twisted interpretation of ancient Slavic beliefs, its secretive leadership is targeting the Royal Family with their own home-grown weapons of mass destruction.

The misfits who toppled Putin now seem powerless; one by one, their loved ones become pawns in the Blazing Wheel’s bloodthirsty quest for revenge. Nowhere is safe, from the luxurious beaches of Maldives to the secret passageways of Soviet-era nuclear silos. Katya and her allies must find a way to outwit the mastermind of the attacks – and traitors within their own trusted circle of friends.

The band of outcasts who rose from the subway tunnels of Moscow to the halls of power in the Kremlin will face their toughest test in this page-turning final installment of The Russia Chronicles, the thrilling alternative-history series by Amazon best-selling author Andrew Anžur Clement.


About the Author

Polish. Slovenian. American. From Los Angeles. Lives in Slovenia. Holds two PhDs. Speaks four languages. Citizen of the World. Writes historical fantasy, alternative history, action-adventure and thriller books full-time. That’s all you need to know about Andrew.

Andrew Anzur Clement

Andrew Anzur Clement

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