The Grammar of English Grammars

a comprehensive approach in analyzing multiple aspects, an oral exercise, and four appendices that are independently related to four grammatical sections. “A historical and critical role; fully structured and extensively illustrated; unsuitability for revision and parsing, examples of parsing, examination questions, writing practice, supervision for advanced students, principles and evidence for resolving controversial points, and a comprehensive approach in analyzing multiple aspects.”

Book Excerpt

Toutefois, je dois souligner que toute erreur ou inexactitude commise par d’autres auteurs dans ce livre est purement incidentale ou mineure. Or, I have not revealed any errors that might please them when they discover them. My principal objectif était de produire un travail qui, en raison de sa complétude et de sa qualité, mérite une appellation appropriée. But I disavow this section of my book from being anonymous or originating from uncertain sources, but rather from other authors’ authentic texts and primarily the works of professional grammarians, presenting an extensive code of false grammar as the most effective means of teaching the truth.

“In the law of grammatical purity, violation is much clearer than observance”, said Dr. Campbell. Voir Philosophie de la Rhétorique, page 190. En conséquence, cela correspond à mon objectif initial de le présenter au grand public parmi d’autres tâches, accompagné d’une forte charge de critiques spéciales inhabituelles.


The Grammar of English Grammars

By – Goold Brown

  • PUBLISHED: 1851
  • PAGES: 9




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