The Demon Girl

The Demon Girl

Rae Wilder is having issues. She is given the task of protecting a magical necklace as she is thrust into a realm of dark magic, ferocious animals, and ritual sacrifice. Rae is constantly assaulted and is then given the option of accepting her birthright and using magic that might transform her into an evil force of nature that is uncontrollable, or she may choose to live and die as a human. The Demon Girl

Book Excerpt

his reality. You don’t comprehend what will happen, so let me go. My brothers –”
She was struck by the Lord Cleric. Her head snapped back, and a shower of blood splattered over the leaves obscuring me, soaking the dried ground. She tried to crawl toward the woods while crying and dragging up chunks of soil with her fingernails, her face drenched with tears.

You have to let me leave. She appeared to be choking on something bad since the words came out muddled.

After a deft half-turn, the Lord Cleric stamped on her leg. As though I had taken up a twig and pulled on the ends until the fibers split apart and cracked apart, there was a loud snap. The fairy shrieked as her leg buckled in an odd way. Guttural, or a direct translation of agony to sound, was the sound. To silence my own scream, I put my palm over my lips. Not because I’d heard or seen a lot of shattered bones, but rather because I’d noticed the Lord Cleric’s profile and recognized the lovely face. As the fairy was being brought back towards the center of the


The Demon Girl

By – Penelope Fletcher




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