The Call of the Wild

The Call of the Wild

When circumstances threaten to undermine a dog’s faith in the perilous days of the 19th century’s Gold Rush, while seeing a sled dog’s function in Canada’s icy Yukon, an ancestral disposition of a domesticated and pampered dog reemerges.

Book Excerpt

He was a feeble, severely enraged creature with flickering eyes. When the train was signaled during the Gold Rush of the 19th century, he had no idea what was happening and was pushed onto the luggage car by two men.

Later, he would discover that he had a fleeting awareness of his aching tongue and had been provided with a temporary accommodation in the shape of transportation. The loud shriek of a train directed him. Wandering often with the judge due to unfamiliarity with the feeling of riding in a baggage vehicle. When he opened them, a stolen king’s buried rage was seen between them. The dog reacted quickly when the guy grabbed for his throat. His shackled hands were prepared, and they stayed so until his senses allowed him to breathe more deeply than he was.

Yes, it’s settled, I’m sending him to ‘Frisco for a doctor,” the guy muttered, keeping his twisted hand hidden from the luggage handler who had been drawn by the sounds of fighting. There is a crack-dog physician who believes he can heal them.

The man had talked most plainly in his own behalf regarding the trip that night, using a “l.”

The Call of the Wild

By – Jack London

  • PUBLISHED: 1903
  • PAGES: 86
  • ISBN: 0689856741




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