Psycho-Phone Messages

Psycho-Phone Messages
  This is about the experimental recordings of psycho-phonic messages at the beginning of the last century. Grierson claims to have recorded messages from prominent dead people as Abraham Lincoln and Benjamin Disraeli.
Book Excerpt rst blow will be the victor. The Germans still believe they can eventually invade France, enter Paris and cause a revolution, found a new empire to include France, Belgium, Holland and Switzerland, with Italy later on. This dream includes a practical understanding with Soviet Russia, which, by that time, they expect would be weary of futile experiments. Plots will be exposed that will make it apparent how vain some of your optimistic surmises have been. Diplomats who are not psychologists will be balked by developments in Switzerland, that nation having become the rendezvous of disillusioned wire-pullers without a country. You are now at the cross roads. Take the wrong turning and you will come to the skull and cross bones. I could say much more but we are not yet experts in this new mode of inter-communication and must be brief. GENERAL U. S. GRANT. (Second Message) Recorded May Third, 1921 I concur with Alexander Stephens when he says: “Congress has neve

Psycho-Phone Messages

By – Francis Grierson
  • PUBLISHED: 1921
  • PAGES: 60


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