Paycheck to Paycheck

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My favorite books to read have usually been “novels” without plot, classic tomes like Tom Kromer’s Waiting for Nothing, Jack Black’s You Can’t Win, Hamsun’s Hunger, Bukowski’s Post Office, Sa Franko’s God Bless America, et al. I could go on. You get it. These tales are not plot-driven, instead they are about things that actually matter (and, frankly, should matter way more than they do to readers in general), like being able to feed the belly and keep a roof over one’s head.


And that’s exactly what Paycheck to Paycheck is about: toiling at some blue-collar job side-by-side with other working stiffs in this Land of the Free, Home of the Brave. Not everyone is rich––nor do they necessarily wish to be. Not everyone is a celebrity, nor do they want to be. Just plain survival is enough of a challenge for the vast majority of us.


Paycheck to Paycheck

by – Kirk Alex



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