Healthy or Else

Healthy or Else

Book Excerpt

“Speak,” the voice commands. Would you like us to check the basement to determine if there is a freezer or food storage unit?

The elegant woman is scrolling on her computer while seated. “That can be done by Jason and Radhrijio. Kayla, download their recordings.

The response is “Yes, ma’am.” Kayla approaches the table. I’ll have to download your records, she said.

“I believed that medical records were private.”

The poised woman lets out a disgruntled snort. “That was a remnant of the past. When we take on responsibility, we’ve let go of those pointless preconceptions. Healthcare professionals can see if someone are engaging in unhealthy behaviors since medical records are transparent. Give your bracelet to Kayla.

Kayla makes eye contact with Jack, and there’s a glimmer of understanding in her eyes.

Jack doesn’t want to add to her difficulties. He hands her his bracelet so she may download it after taking it off. The wristbands, which were often worn by those who were critically ill, automatically informed emergency staff of emergencies like heart attacks or other dangerous medical disorders. Their capacity has increased over time.


Healthy or Else

By – A. B. R.

  • PUBLISHED: 2010
  • PAGES: 19




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