H. R.

H. R.

In the midst of the bustling office, a remarkable scene unfolded, catching George G. Goodchild, Esq., completely off guard. His expression revealed intense astonishment as he demanded, “Get out!” The president echoed the command with unwavering authority.


Reacting swiftly, Hendrik Rutgers turned to the cashier, his voice sharp as he questioned, “Didn’t you hear? Get out!”


Facing this unexpected confrontation, Mr. George G. Goodchild couldn’t contain himself and shouted, “You!”


Hendrik, in utter disbelief, asked, “Who? Me?” His incredulity seemed bottomless.


“Yes! You!” The president, now flushed with anger, moved menacingly towards Hendrik, who appeared unfazed, the epitome of insolence.


“What?” Hendrik responded, skepticism lacing his words. “Do you seriously expect me to believe you are the jackass your wife thinks you are?”


Not wanting to intrude on private matters, the cashier discreetly made an exit from the room, leaving the two men to face each other. The president took a step back, considering if his wife had ever spoken to this impertinent fellow. He soon realized it was merely a figure of speech and advanced again, raising a pudgy fist for emphasis. However, it was more for show than practicality, a common practice when money-making became a science. Hendrik merely smiled amicably, undeterred by the president’s display.


In this peculiar office encounter, tension and humor seemed to intertwine, leaving both parties in an intriguing standoff.


H. R.

by – Edwin Lefevre



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