Children of Avalon

Children of Avalon

The protagonist imagines lonesome days before setting off on an adventure to another dimension. Can they stave off the approaching darkness and save a dying kingdom? They abandoned their routine lives as they stood among the sky. A 25-year-old orphan who is considered to be quite imaginative seeks comfort in daydreams after being fired from their previous employment. However, their lives change when one of their fictions becomes real. A shimmering doorway appears in front of them, escorting a confusing person with green skin to another dimension. Their objective? To follow the lead of an old order of beings in searching for a precious artifact…

They must muster the bravery to free Avalon from the grasp of obscurity and preserve King Arthur’s land, which they are endowed with latent amazing skills. They are forced by their quest to face the evil powers of the previous daydreamer’s dark might.

Can they save the countryside and stop the shadows as time races by, or is their fantasy merely the culmination of their creative imagination?

“Children of Avalon” is the first thrilling epic in the Traveler series. If you like intriguing yet mysterious characters, mythical stories, and a mix of science fiction and fantasy, S.E. Writer’s engaging book will be your favorite!


Children of Avalon

By – S.E. Wright

  • PUBLISHED: 2016
  • PAGES: 248




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