Celestial Magic

Celestial Magic

Meet Devi Lawson, a rule-breaker with a knack for demon hunting. Unfortunately, her skills didn’t sit well with the angelic guild of celestial soldiers, leading to her expulsion. But things take a dark turn when she’s accused of murdering one of their own.

In a bid to clear her name, Devi must form an unlikely alliance with the very demons she once hunted, including the mysterious warlock Nikolas Castor. However, there’s more to Nikolas than meets the eye – his magic eerily resembles that of the killer they’re after, and he believes Devi may be linked to a demon herself.

Caught in a web of danger, Devi finds herself distrusted by her former allies, and the real reason for her guild expulsion threatens to come to light. With time running out, she must track down the killer before he unleashes hell on Earth.

In this gripping tale of trust, betrayal, and unearthly forces, Devi Lawson’s quest for redemption takes her on a perilous journey where she must confront her past, battle her demons (both literal and figurative), and unravel the truth to protect herself and the world from impending doom. Will she rise to the challenge and prove her innocence, or will her tumultuous past consume her? Find out as you delve into the electrifying world of Devi Lawson and her pursuit of justice amidst the shadows of darkness.

Celestial Magic

by – Emma L. Adams





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