Together with Wagner’s Indebtedness to Beethoven.

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His songs were only sparingly released, especially at this point when he was just coming into adulthood and ready to work for modern authority. Only a small number were created for certain societal purposes, but their final fate was unimportant. This signaled the start of a musical tradition that dates back to the period of manuscripts and for which it was difficult to obtain copies. It was infrequently performed in open performances, but more in social gatherings, like a newly forming musical order in a metropolis like Vienna. Any gifted musician could be guaranteed of welcome and maintenance in a friendly capacity because to the prevalence of Freemasonry among musicians and affluent benefactors.No other European metropolis provided as many chances for the instrumental nurturing of culture as Vienna. There were several instrumentalists and singers there, along with Mozart, Haydn, and much fewer notables. Among the higher echelons, music was unavoidably a dominant orientation in some manner, with affluent stars taking the lead.



A Character Study

By – George Alexander Fischer

  • PUBLISHED: 1905
  • PAGES: 177



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