Advice to Young Musicians

Advice to Young Musicians

Book Excerpt

The care and cultivation of the ears is crucial. Try your best to quickly distinguish between distinct tones and keys. Decide which notes are performed by objects like bells, glasses, and cuckoos.


Regularly performing workouts for additional fingers, as well as for both thick and light scales, is not enough. Many people are driven to succeed in this way, and many put in hours of daily physical work until they are quite elderly. Similar like trying to say the alphabet with additional vowels every day, nearly! Your time may be used more efficiently for work.


There are items like silent keyboards and pianos; give them a go for a bit and you’ll notice that they don’t have any echoes. Nuts can’t teach us anything.


Time is a cruel game-player! Many skilled people play games that are similar to how drunk people move. It works well to mimic your model by playing simultaneously with them.


Advice to Young Musicians

Musikalische Haus- und Lebens-Regeln

By – Robert Schumann

  • PUBLISHED: 1860
  • PAGES: 33



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