Acres of Diamonds

Acres of Diamonds

This powerful speech is not just a remarkable example of effective communication but also encompasses a lifetime of profound philosophy.


Our world is truly remarkable, filled with natural wonders and fascinating processes. One such process involves the formation of precious minerals. When molten matter rapidly cools, it transforms into various substances like granite, copper, silver, gold, and even diamonds.


According to an old priest, diamonds are nothing less than congealed drops of sunlight. In a scientific sense, this statement holds true, as diamonds are composed of carbon deposits originating from the sun. Intrigued by this knowledge, the priest shared with Ali Hafed the immense value of diamonds. He explained that with a diamond the size of his thumb, Ali Hafed could acquire an entire county, and with a whole diamond mine, his children could be elevated to positions of great wealth and power.


Overwhelmed by thoughts of diamonds and their worth, Ali Hafed went to bed that night feeling impoverished. Though he hadn’t lost anything tangible, his discontentment made him perceive himself as poor, which only fueled his desire for material wealth. The words “I want a mine of diamonds” echoed in his mind as he lay awake throughout the night.


As morning arrived, Ali Hafed resolved to seek guidance from the priest once again. However, he was aware of the priest’s irritable demeanor when awakened, having learned from past experience.


Acres of Diamonds

by – Russell H. Conwell





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