365 Luncheon Dishes

365 Luncheon Dishes

Book Excerpt

8.—Oyster Potpie.
Scald one quart of oysters in their own liquor. When boiling take out the oysters
and keep them hot. Stir together a tablespoonful of butter and two of flour, and
moisten with cold milk. Add two small cups of boiling water to the oyster liquor,
season with salt and pepper, and stir in the flour mixture, and let it cook until it
thickens like cream. Make a light biscuit dough and cut out with a thimble. Drop
these into the boiling mixture, cover the saucepan and cook until the dough is
done. Put the oysters on a hot dish and pour biscuit balls and sauce over them.

9.—Chicken Cutlets.
Chop cold chicken fine; season with onion-juice, celery salt, pepper, and
chopped parsley. For 2 cupfuls allow a cupful of cream or rich milk. Heat this
(with a bit of soda stirred in) in a saucepan, and thicken with a tablespoonful of
butter rubbed in, one of corn-starch, stirred in when the cream is scalding. Cook
one minute, put in the seasoned chicken, and cook until smoking hot. Beat two
eggs light; take the boiling mixture from the fire and add gradually to these. Pour
into a broad dish or agate-iron pan and set in a cold place until perfectly chilled
and stiff. Shape with your hands, or with a cutter, into the form of cutlets or
chops. Dip in egg, then in cracker-crumbs. Set on the ice an hour or two and fry
in deep boiling fat. Send around white sauce with them.—From “The National
Cook Book,” by Marion Harland and Christine Terhune Herrick.

365 Luncheon Dishes

A Luncheon Dish for Every Day in the Year

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