Funny, thought provoking adventure of modern hero, created by Zeus to save the Earth, (Gaia) from the depredations of people by the 2012 deadline. A radically new take on the global warming problem. Will the Earth be saved by people or will it manage very welll without them?


His voice was croaky and hard to hear. To look at him was a test of Penny’s young strength. She was frightened because she hardly knew him. She struggled to comprehend his extreme palor. To grasp the meaning of the deep, livid lesions in his skin. She was horribly appalled at his loss of hair. Her child’s mind only knew it was so difficult. She tried gazing half and half at him, but felt bad about not making real contact. She forced herself to glance at him. Yes; it was still him, even though it did not seem like him any more. She was wracked by her childish helplessness. She was however, alert enough to know she would never be able to forget that there was nothing she could do.



The Last Will and Testament of The Gods

by – Mike Cooper



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