Dane Cook marries Kelsi Taylor in Hawaii wedding: 'More memories in one night'

The Secret Venue:

Discover the stunning, hidden location in Hawaii where Dane Cook and Kelsi Taylor exchanged vows away from the paparazzi's prying eyes.

Whispers of Romance:

Uncover the sweet, little gestures that Dane and Kelsi shared leading up to their big day, proving that love truly is in the details.

The Celebrity Guest List:

Get an exclusive peek into the star-studded guest list, including surprising A-list attendees you would never expect.

The Hawaiian Traditions:

Learn about the beautiful Hawaiian customs incorporated into the wedding ceremony, adding a unique and meaningful touch.

Dane's Vows:

Find out what Dane Cook said in his heartfelt wedding vows that left not a dry eye in the house.

Kelsi's Wedding Gown:

Explore the hidden details of Kelsi Taylor's breathtaking wedding dress and the talented designer behind it.

The Beachside Reception:

Dive into the details of the unforgettable beachside reception, complete with gourmet cuisine and mesmerizing décor.

Surprise Performances:

Discover which famous musicians surprised the couple and guests with live performances during the celebration.

A Tribute to Love:

Learn about the touching tribute to the couple's journey, showcased through a captivating photo montage.

Dane's Emotional Speech:

Hear what Dane Cook revealed in his emotional speech, expressing his love and gratitude to Kelsi and their loved ones.

The Magical Sunset:

Witness the breathtaking sunset that provided the perfect backdrop for their vows, creating a truly magical atmosphere.

Beachfront Bonfire:

Get the inside scoop on the beachfront bonfire that added a sense of enchantment to the evening festivities.

Hawaiian Luau:

Explore the vibrant Hawaiian luau-themed after-party, where guests enjoyed traditional dances and cuisine.

The Hidden After-Party:

Find out where the exclusive after-party took place and who kept the celebration going into the early hours.

The Couple's Future Plans:

Gain insight into Dane and Kelsi's future plans and what they have in store for their married life.

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